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UKoala Bags

In today’s market, there’s no shortage of bags to choose from with backpacks, purses, duffels, and everything in between. So how do you choose which bag is best for you?

At Ukoala, we start with you in mind. Our patented bags are specifically designed to meet not only your unique style and but also your functional needs for everyday life.

Our mission is to produce "The Best Little Bag on the Planet." We’ve put more than a decade of work into development to design a bag that is comfortable, hands-free, and organized.

UKoala Bags are engineered to provide you with the best weight distribution so you almost forget you’re wearing it. Designed to snugly hug your body like a Koala, it eliminates the annoying 'swing around' or 'bag flop' while you move. You no longer have to deal with the constant hassle of bags that slip off your shoulder or weigh you down.

Every UKoala Bag is fully convertible from a hip-bag to a cross-body bag to a backpack to an over-the-shoulder bag. Our award-winning, everyday carry bag is available in three sizes. From a compact model designed for your basic essentials to standard and expanded models for hiking or traveling.

Whether you’re enjoying mother nature, cruising on your motorcycle, or just picking up groceries, the UKoala Bag keeps all your belongings organized, secure, and within reach. Backed by our 10-year warranty, UKoala fits your lifestyle and your passion. Guaranteed.

Search through our site and discover which UKoala bag was Made for U.

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